Members Benefits

This Page will from time to time contain information that will be of some benefit to members, if you require information to be posted that may help someone please feel free to contact me through the contact page.


Special fuel deal for NRFA members 

 The NRFA is offering members access to discount fuel through an agreement with Caltex, this is a great deal when using Caltex owned sites the discount is for diesel and unleaded. click (HERE) for more information 



Intercept report sheets

Download these forms and carry them with you, in the event of an intercept whether it is good or bad we need to gather information on who the good officers are and weed out the bad one's, without a reporting system that will address the problem nothing is going to change.

The number of good enforcement officers far outnumber the bad, we need to communicate to the good one that this initiative is to protect them from the bad one's.

It is a requirement of NRFA membership to complete an intercept form after an intercept has taken place and return it to the Secretariat within seven days. 


Request for a review of a Breach

Again this may not reverse the breach but it does give you a chance to challenge the validity of the breach, I would suggest that it only be used if you really believe the breach is unwarranted.

Send it to the relevent enforcement branch, i.e. Police / Transport