20180210 125814

Peter Whytcross, John Gilbert, Andreas Blahous, Tony Hopkins

at the 10th anniversary AGM in Toowoomba 10/02/2018


20180211 135950

NRFA board members paying their respects at the Lights on the Hill Memorial


20180210 125939

Mick Pattel giving Senator Pauline Hanson some friendly advice.


20180211 110757

Max a true legend at the legends bar at the Gatton Truck Museum


20180210 131433

Someone might say "A rose amongst the thorns" not me


20180210 202830

President Tony presenting the coveted Noel Porter award to

Mick Pattel, a very humbling moment.


20180210 125558

Attending State and Federal Politian's 

Federal MP Bert Van Manen, State MP Steve Minnikin, State MP Jon Krause,

State MP Mark Boothman, also State MP Pat Weir (Not shown)



Senator Pauline Hanson attended and gave us the chance 

raise transport issues of which she was not aware.

State Member Rob Katter arrived late but stayed on to

talk to members after the meeting.